Multi-Language Translator Multiple Languages Real Time Translator Portable 3 in 1 Smart Voice Device

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The Smart Multi-Language translator is a real-time speech interactive translator that can translate in an intelligent speech recognition technology. 

This can translate recording sound into text, and simultaneously transmit into a voice output. Clear sound quality, no noise, and easy to carry, a perfect assistant of language translation.

It takes a bit of patience to link to your phone, and please, READ the instructions. Once paired its simple to use. 


    •  Multiple : Support up to more than 30 languages translation, each language can be translated into each other.
    •  Voice Translation: Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross-language communication easier. Translate your speech into high-quality foreign language text and transmit into a voice output.
    • Bluetooth Wireless Connection: Connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allows wireless transmission distance up to 10 meters and the distance of voice recognition is 2 meters.
    • Portable Smart Two-Way Real-Time Multi-Language Voice Translator for Learning, Travelling, Business and Meeting.
  • Easy to carry, accurate pronunciation. Translation speed is relatively fast, which can assist language learning. It's a very practical translation machine
Color: Black
Wireless: 2.4G Optical 
Optical Resolution: 1200dpi
Connect to Phone: Bluetooth
Wireless Transmission Distance: 10m 
Voice Recognition Distance: 2m 
Battery: 3.7V 750m A Rechargeable Battery
Size:  12.5*3.8*1.3cm / 4.8"x 1.4"x 0.5"
Package Weight: 127g

About Operating System:

Android phone requirements: 6.0 and above
Apple phone requirements: ios 8 and above


The Estimated Delivery Time is 9 - 27 Days to US and 2-4 weeks worldwide.

When using this device it's very easy to switch to any languages you want.
All you need to do is to connect the translator to WiFi or phone hotspot and choose the language you want to translate.
Then just hold the speak button - speak to it and it will automatically translate for you.
It's great for travel, you can ask any question using this device.
The interface is user-friendly.
The left and right buttons are controlling the volume.
The up and down buttons match the two languages you select on the touch screen. There are up to 40 languages included. 
Just keep pressing the up or down button to make it working 
HINT: Keep it simple for more accuracy. Short questions work better than  complicated long sentences.